úterý 8. března 2011

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 aimbot for Xbox 360

Hallo MW2 gamers,

After searching on several places, i have found the best working aimbot + wallhack for Xbox 360 version of a very popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 action game.

It has been created by a group of MW2 fans and as far as i know, it is the only aimbot for this game that is really working on Xbox 360 console. It is free to download, just use the link below. You will only need to fill a short form (it takes about 20 seconds) and then you will get your direct download link.

It is completely undetectable, i have been using it until now without being cought. I would highly reccomend you to watch the sample video and read install instructions bellow!

Watch this aimbot in action in this sample video (sorry for low quality):

MW2 aimbot install instruction tutorial:

1. Put a USB key into the Xbox360 console, go to system settings, and then to the memory and USB memory format for the Xbox.

2. Transfer your profile to the USB memory.

3. Run USB_EXPLORER.exe (to be stealth-patch your profile)

4. Replace the USB key into the Xbox360

5. Transfer to your profile again.

6. To activate the aimbot, go to the menu and press (X, X, Y, B, X)

7. Enjoy to new feeling when playing  CoD:MW2

Virus scan is included in the package, so you can see this MW2 aimbot is 100% safe.